Lady Melith, Courtisane Lust Elves (LE - F/SF)

Cette miniature en résine est d'une échelle 28 mm héroïque et est utilisable en Science-Fiction et en Fantasy.

Lady Melith, Courtisane Lust Elves + 1 socle rond de 25mm.

Cette figurine est également incluse dans la Heroines Box Lust Elves 1.

Son histoire en VO (la VF arrive bientôt...) :

Lady Melith turned out to be one of our favourite character from TGG2, and will probably become a painter's favourite too.

By nature, the Lust Elves are shape-shifters, continuously altering their form, growing or losing limbs at will, and able to move like no other living thing could. Some of them use this ability as an infiltration tool to walk among humans undetected. And when they revert back to their preferred form, it is usually too late for their prey.

Lady Melith enjoys the power plays and intrigues that fill the Humans' corridors of power. Haunting ceremonies, balls, and festivities, she uses her otherworldly charms to seduce even the most hermetic souls, until she lets her mask down and terror seizes their heart.

Collections: - Fantasy

Armée: Lust Elves F (LE – F)

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