Ardanna, Pilier de la Foi (Soeurs - F/SF)

Cette miniature en résine est d'une échelle 28 mm héroïque et est utilisable en Science-Fiction et en Fantasy.

Sister Ardanna, Pilier de la Foi inclut 2 pistolets en pièces séparées, + 1 socle rond de 25mm.

Cette figurine est également incluse dans la Heroine Box Soeurs 1.

Son histoire en VO (la VF arrive bientôt...) :

Ardanna is without a doubt the most loyal Servant of the Chalice. She's the epitome of paladin-hood. She will never fail you. No one can shake her faith and her unflinching courage inspires even the worst Unbelievers.

She may be wearing an armor, but she has always refused to wear shoes or sabatons. She says that walking barefooted serves as a perpetual reminder that she is nothing but an humble servant in the service of the Mothers.

Stern and taciturn, when Ardanna does speak, her words cut like steel. And the most hardened liars break down under the strength of her clear blue gaze.

But her steadfast and pure soul could also be her downfall: Ardanna's rigidity and righteousness make her unable to imagine the dark side of things happening within her own Order. How will she cope when she discovers that there lurks darkness and wrongdoings?

Collections: - Fantasy

Armée: Soeurs Fantasy (SotO - F)

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