Vladimir le Vertueux (Mascotte des Soeurs – F/SF)

Cette miniature en résine est d'une échelle 28 mm héroïque et est utilisable en Science-Fiction et en Fantasy.

Vladimir le Vertueux (Mascotte des Soeurs) + 1 socle rond de 25mm.

Cette figurine est également incluse dans la Heroine Box Soeurs 1.

Son histoire en VO (la VF arrive bientôt...) :

The Terrible Twos! Vladimir the Virtuous and Tobias the Tenacious are the Sisters' mascots. Vladimir is a little owl-griffin with a twitchy eye, and Tobias is a wolpertinger with a perpetual frown.

It is hard to be small and fluffy and cute when all you want is to be a mighty creature that instills fear and respect in the heart of your enemies.

Vladimir and Tobias ardently wish they could be gigantic beasts who kick ass on the battlefield, and nothing gets them more annoyed than when the Sisters and the Orphans squish and squeeze them and ruffle their fur or feathers and call them by sweet endearments.

The only way they found to vent their frustration and live their dream of grandeur is to boss arond the Minions, the small subdued demons who perform the Sisters' lowly tasks. You can often see gangs of Minions scatter in terror whenever the Terrible Twos appear.

Collections: - Fantasy

Armée: Soeurs Fantasy (SotO - F)

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