Violet (Mascotte des Elfes Noirs - F/SF)

Cette miniature en résine est d'une échelle 28 mm héroïque et est utilisable en Science-Fiction et en Fantasy.

Violet, surnommée La Duchesse, mascotte des Elfes Noirs + 1 socle rond de 25mm.

Cette figurine est également incluse dans la Heroines Box Elfes Noirs 1.

Son histoire en VO (la VF arrive bientôt...) :

The mascots have been a huge success in our TGG1 Kickstarter. In fact, to this day, they are among our bestsellers. Since the beginning, we've wanted to add a little fun to some otherwise very dark universes and stories, and this is how characters like the mascots, the Lulus, the Minions were born. We definitely plan to have a board game starring all these little characters.

Violet is the magical vulture of Lady Kashala. She is an old lady vulture with precious mannerisms and a very high view of herself. She looks down on everybody else. Think of the Countess Dowager of Grantham from Downton Abbey and you'll have a pretty good idea of Violet's character...

No one knows through what kind of twisted magic she was given the gift of speech, but the sorcerer who did this should burn in hell to have set loose on the world such a dreadful curse! Never engage into conversation with this damn bird !!

Collections: - Fantasy

Armée: Elfes Noirs (DE - F)

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