Rythali-in, Expiatrix (Soeurs - F/SF)

Cette miniature en résine est d'une échelle 28 mm héroïque et est utilisable en Science-Fiction et en Fantasy.

Rythali-in, Expiatrix + 1 socle rond de 25mm.

Cette figurine est également incluse dans la Heroine Box Soeurs 1.

Son histoire en VO (la VF arrive bientôt...) :

Repentant sinners are often rigged with weaponised pillories, then dispatched to the front lines of the battlefield to try and earn a chance to be forgiven. Expiatrixes are at their side: they make sure repentant sinners stay in line and do their penance.

Like most Expiatrixes, Rythali-in has a very dark past and has been more than once on the receiving end of the whips she now carries. Her masked face, her spikes, her blade-covered outfit are a perpetual reminder that, even after long years of penance, a sinner of her magnitude should never be too closely approached.

Collections: - Fantasy

Armée: Soeurs Fantasy (SotO - F)

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